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  • Gold Bugs; Stellar performance stage set again 23 mars, 2017
    From 2001 to 2011, would you have rather owned the S&P 500 or Gold Miners (Gold Bugs Index/HUI)? If you answered the Gold Bugs index, you would be correct. The left chart below compares the performance of the Gold Bugs Index and the S&P 500. From 2001 to 2011, the Gold Bugs index out performed […]
    Chris Kimble
  • Banks Stocks could under perform for years (Update) 22 mars, 2017
    90-days ago Joe Friday shared that if history was a guide, banks could under perform the broad market going forward. The chart below was shared on 12/23/16 (See Post Here). It highlighted that since the highs in 2007, when the Bank/SPY ratio became very over bought, banks lagged the broad market for a good while. CLICK ON […]
    Chris Kimble
  • US Dollar; Could be in trouble at this level! 21 mars, 2017
    The US Dollar has been a stellar performer the past few years, as it has been stronger than most currencies around the world. The chart below looks at US$ over the past couple of years and highlights that it could be creating some patterns, that are often associated with price points were selling pressure gets started. […]
    Chris Kimble

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  • Gecko Research no clue scamsters 22 mars, 2017
     The totally worthless scamsters at Gecko Research seems to finally have found a way to make money. Get in as early investors in a company and then pump the shit out of it to unsuspecting and naive retail investors. One typical example is Zinc One, which is a worthless piece of crap "deposit" that will […]
  • Tinka 22 mars, 2017
    Har varit borta några dagar och då hände det en massa spännande grejer. Det första var att Tinka kom med ett första resultat från sitt pågående borrprogram. Och det var ett grymt bra hål man presenterade. Det ena som var bra var att hålet innehöll riktigt bra halter, 17,9 meter@11,6% Zn vid 127 meters djup […]
  • Zinklagren 27 februari, 2017
    Det finns två stora lager av zink, det ena är London Metal Exchange (LME) som är störst och som har funnits längst och sedan finns Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE). Sedan finns också COMEX men de är så små så de är i sammanhanget ointressanta. Utöver dessa finns också diverse andra lager varav de flesta inte […]

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  • A Midwifed Home Birth with Dayna Martin and the Freemans 24 mars, 2017
    Anarchast Ep.350 Jeff interviews Lisa and Nathan Freeman with Dayna Martin on the very recent home birth of Ira Belle Freeman in Acapulco. Topics include: home birth illegal in the USA, unassisted free birth, the regulation and expense of having a child in the US, $30,000 even with insurance, the free natural process works very […]
    Jeff Berwick
  • Roger Ver Is Pissed About Bitcoin Transaction Fees And He’s Not Going To Take It Anymore! 21 mars, 2017
    Anarchast Ep.349 Jeff interviews platinum sponsor of Anarchapulco, CEO of Bitcoin.com, Roger Ver. Topics include: Bitcoin.com under DDOS attack, Bitcoin Unlimited vs Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Core not even core, high fees and slow confirmation time put Bitcoin at risk of losing top spot, SegWit and network congestion, the blocksize issue, Bitcoin Unlimited growing in popularity […]
    Jeff Berwick
  • The Rise of Trump, Fascism and the Alt-Right with Jeffrey Tucker 17 mars, 2017
    Anarchast Ep.348 Jeff interviews Jeffrey Tucker, topics include: Jeff Tucker’s report on Anarchapulco, the ‘alt-right’ and fascism, authoritarianism, Mises was the leading opponent of Marxism, collectivism, Hegel’s criticism of economic freedom and total statism, Thomas Carlyle and the movement against free markets, Darwin and disgenics, Madison Grant and the eugenics movement, Spengler’s Decline of the […]
    Jeff Berwick

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  • SV: Vad har jag köpt? 24 mars, 2017
    Personligen skulle jag lämna tillbaka tackorna då det inte har något stort andrahandsvärde, eftersom tackorna inte är av ett känt företag.
  • SV: Ny medlem 24 mars, 2017
  • SV: Ny medlem 24 mars, 2017
    Välkommen in i gänget

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  • Torsdag 23 Mars – Tema: Ekonomi 23 mars, 2017
    I dagens ekonomispecial avhandlas bland annat Mattias Lundbäck om statliga pensionsfonders uselhet jämfört med privata alternativ, Lars Wilderäng om vad Federal Reserves räntehöjning kan komma att betyda för svenska bolån, Swift stänger av alla anslutna banker i Nordkorea, Venezuela hotar med expropriation av bagerier som bryter mot mjölanvändningsregler samt kris i Toshibas kärnkraftsbolag Westinghouse Electric […]
    radio bubb.la
  • Tisdag 21 Mars 22 mars, 2017
    I dagens radio bubb.la avhandlas bland annat den gångna helgens LibertyCon i Prag, förre Expressenjournalisten Eric Erfors fängelsedom, transsexuell nyzeeländska sätter rekord i tyngdlyftning, Lars Ohlys oförmåga att hitta ett riktigt arbete efter tiden i politiken samt Paulina Neuding om övergreppen mot kvinnor på offentlig plats som ett symtom på ett samhälle i förfall. Vi […]
    radio bubb.la
  • Tisdag 14 Mars 14 mars, 2017
    I dagens radio bubb.la avhandlas bland annat att Afghanistans ambassadör tycker Trump är mer tankfull och intelligent än Obama, Daniel Thilén sammanställer lista över arbetande invandrare som utvisats över petitesser, Markus och Malcom om libertarianismens påstått inbyggda självmotsägelser, Nassim Nicholas Taleb om varför journalister saknar incitament att rapportera korrekt samt Brasiliens president flyttar från residens […]
    radio bubb.la

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  • Jakarta: Freeport could lose Grasberg control within 2 years 23 mars, 2017
    State holding company ready to take 51% stake says Indonesian deputy mines minister as dispute over ownership of iconic copper-gold mine intensifies. The post Jakarta: Freeport could lose Grasberg control within 2 years appeared first on MINING.com.
    Frik Els
  • Mosaic to pay hefty fine over accident at its Colonsay potash mine 23 mars, 2017
    Mosaic was charged with fines of more than more than $85,000 after a worker's leg was crushed in a conveyer in February 2014. The post Mosaic to pay hefty fine over accident at its Colonsay potash mine appeared first on MINING.com.
    Cecilia Jamasmie
  • BHP's Escondida mine strike becomes Chile’s longest, ends with no deal 23 mars, 2017
    Workers ended their strike and invoked a rarely used legal provision that allows them to extend their old contract, which leaves them in the exact same situation they were before they downed tools. The post BHP's Escondida mine strike becomes Chile’s longest, ends with no deal appeared first on MINING.com.
    Cecilia Jamasmie


  • Reviving South Africa's gold industry means getting mine workers off their knees 24 mars, 2017
    By Kevin Crowley Bloomberg News Thursday, March 23, 2017 During his early years as a miner in South Africa, Joas Mahanuque spent six hours a day on his knees drilling for Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd. The dust-filled tunnels half a mile underground were too low for him to stand, and temperatures reached 105 degrees Fahrenheit […]
  • Ted Butler: Dead men walking? 23 mars, 2017
    11:55p ICT Thursday, March 23, 2017 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Silver market analyst Ted Butler, in commentary posted at GoldSeek's companion site, SilverSeek, today elaborates on evidence that "managed money" traders are no longer being deceived by the price declines rigged by the commercial traders in the silver futures market. Thus, Butler figures, […]
  • UBS charges customers to deposit euros 23 mars, 2017
    ... And they say gold doesn't pay interest. * * * From the British Broadcasting Corp., London Wednesday, March 22, 2017 Swiss bank UBS will start charging customers who deposit more than a million euros, as negative interest rates hit banks' profits. The annual 0.6 percent charge will take affect from May. UBS already imposes […]
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