En påminnelse kring silverprisets fundamenta:

Texten nedan publicerades januari 2005, 11 år sedan och använder sig av data från U.S. Geological Survey. Baserat på denna data kommer allt silver (ovanför marken och i marken) vara slut 2034, dvs om 18 år. Det enda som kan förhindra detta från att ske är priser som gör det ekonomiskt att återvinna silver, om detta inte sker kommer silver fortsätta konsumeras och försvinna för all framtid.

“For 60 years more silver has been consumed by industry than produced. That’s the most bullish circumstance possible for a commodity. Silver is in much greater demand by industrial users worldwide than is gold. Yet gold sells for fifty times the price of silver. You may be shocked to learn that there’s more gold around than silver. About five times more gold is documented in above-ground supplies than silver. Furthermore, there are less years of silver production remaining underground to be mined than gold. These powerful facts are not currently reflected in the price. However, some day they will be. That’s why the opportunity for profit exists in silver like no other opportunity in history. Nothing in the world has the potential to multiply your net worth like silver.

Using USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) data, if we were to remove and exhaust all the silver in the ground, we would theoretically extract 570,000 tons (over 18 billion ounces) over the next 29 years. While 18 billion ounces of silver is truly an enormous amount, it would be consumed at the end of three decades and we will not have added an ounce to above ground inventories. At that point we would theoretically have no silver in the ground, and will have long exhausted above ground inventories.That’s zero below ground silver and zero above ground. The only question is how many zeros we have to add to the price to prevent this from happening. This data is so bullish for silver as to defy description. I implore everyone to study the facts closely, because if you do, you will include silver in your portfolio. It will be impossible not to. Years ago I wrote that the fundamentals of silver were so bullish and so compelling that I couldn’t make them up if I tried. My imagination was not that vivid. This new observation by my friend, Friedman brings that same thought to mind.

Here we have a vital material, known to all men for all time, literally disappearing before our eyes, both above and below ground. It is a material upon which modern life and rising standards of living are dependent. It is beyond indispensable, it is a miracle metal. Due to an obvious manipulation, its price has been kept so low as to defy the law of supply and demand, and logic itself. It is this very manipulation that has created something the world has never witnessed; a long-term structural commodity deficit that has vaporized 5000 years of cumulative production. Now, we are given evidence that we have less of this miracle metal remaining in the ground than anyone imagined. These basic and verifiable facts are unknown to almost all investors and potential investors, creating the opportunity for the select few to position themselves before the truth is widely known. All you have to do is verify the facts, use your common sense and buy silver.” – Ted Butler Friedman’s Theory