To summarize the current situation:

1. US data show US banks creates most money since the crash in 2008, yearly growth > 7 percent.


2. Based on current reserves (cash) banks holds, the next current credit expansion is likely to be the largest one in history, technically it could increase total money supply with over 1000 percent today.

3. Gold, silver and related stock have broken out of the bear market that started in 2011, they are no starting to rise from the most oversold levels ever, accounting for real non-manipulated inflation they are almost as cheap as they have ever been.

Conclusion: Asset prices will continue to increase, especially places where banks allocates their newly created money, most likely housing and stock market speculation (although large corrections within this meltup are likely to occur at any time). We have already seen that those prices almost correlates perfectly with banks credit creation.

The richest people in the world, those who own the banking system will manipulate precious metals higher well in advance, before the public start to see the massive inflation they are about to create. The technical indicators show this next phase has already started, the biggest meltup the world has ever seen.